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martin daske
photo: Uwe Wittenfeld, Bochum, 10/2004



"Lesespaß auf der Tram"

on Sept., 15th 2006

departure: 9.30 a.m.

Hattingen / Ruhr - Mitte

(performance for 4th-grade-students)

Three classes of Grundschule Bruchfeld at Hattingen experienced funny, witty and creepy moments when officer Rudloff read, talked, gave riddles and let the children spin their own stories on board a tram.

On the Bogie-train, a tram of the Bochum-Gelsenkirchener-Straßenbahnbetrieben (BOGESTRA) that was specially redesigned to suit events, the children rode through several stories of travelling and train-riding.

An event by Stadtbibliothek Hattingen.
Sponsored by Bogestra GmbH.


photo: Uwe Wittenfeld, Bochum, 10/2004