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Are you in possession or know of a castle you deem suited for this piece of literature?

Why not get a very special reading performance in an exclusive setting?

Do mail us: !

The lovingly restored halls and rooms of the castle contributed to an impressive and successful performance.

More information on the castle you can get here.

The performance of "Dracula" in this castle was a most impressive experience.
Story and castle fitted as if the book had been written here.

From the tall windows, looking out south and west, to the steep ravine into which the young lawyer at the vampire's castle in transsylvania wildly plans to throw himself... everything was there.

martin daske
Photo: Monja Dallmeyer, Lübeck 2005.
Rainer Rudloff liest im Bergwerk

Special Events


Rainer Rudloff performs "Dracula"
at Schloss