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martin daske
Schacht Lerche, Bergwerk Ost, Hamm/Westfalen
Foto: Holger Weinandt, 2005.

Special Events


Before entering the top room of Alte Burg`s tower, the children have to climb up a long and winding stair inside the thick tower walls.
What a fitting setting for the wizard "Zwackelmann's" dark necromancer's castle!
The adventures of Kasperl opposing the threatening wizard were matched by the medieval surroundings, while the children were busy peeling potatoes for the young apprentice Rudloff - in order to help him not being turned into a toad!

Great fun and suspense!

Rainer Rudloff performs
"Der Räuber Hotzenplotz"
at the tower of Alte Burg, Boppard