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"Tracing the Melody of the Text" (WAZ, 12/05)

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In the common-room of the Volkshochschule stands a woman and reads from a book. At the same time, she tries to push away with her back the man she has come for today.

Her name is Cordula Lueg and she wants to learn how to read out aloud.
So do the other eight women and the one man.

The target groups vary from children at the kindergarten to senior citizens.

The man who gives support to his pupils in such an unusual way is Rainer Rudloff.

The 35year old man from Lubeck is the founder of the Institute for living language "Vivid Voices" and a top-professionel in recitation.

"But he really is inspired", whispers Karin Rehberg occasionally.
When she later reads from "The Nightingale and the Rose" by Oscar Wilde, she will get the praise back - not only because Rudloff is a gentleman, but because she has done well with the melody of the text, the interpretation of the different characters and she has brought to life the feeling of the story very sensitively.

"You've got to bring to display your whole personality while reading!" insists Rudloff.

That he is serious with this statement he lives out a short while later: he intones spells from Goethe's "Zauberlehrling", interrupts a tingling short story with erotic purring, gives a text a whole new life by two varied stresses.

Ere she reads from her own erotic crimestory, Sylvia Seelert confesses: "I've shrunken at least five centimetres!" She really has a tough one, though.

"That was the most difficult text that has been read in my seminars for a long time"says Rudloff.

According to him, intensive and serious lovescenes and erotic passages count as the biggest challenges in recitation.
"They are not made for big audiences, but very intimate." he conveys.

Therefore the whole group is laughing heartily when he asks Seelert "Now do it seductively!"
He did not fall out with the group over this though.

Quite contrary - in the end, the participants are asking enthusiastically for a - non-planned - sequel.

"I could go on all day like this", revels Andrea Ahmann.
This Rudloff, it seems, should do a tour through school classes too.


Dirk Nordhoff, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung,
7. Dezember 2005
(Übersetzung: Rudloff)