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Photo: WDR, Köln, 1999

Rainer Rudloff,
founder of VIVID VOICES, was born in 1970, is married, has three children, and lives in Lübeck / Northern Germany.


1989-94 study of English and German linguistics and literature (Germanistik, Englische Sprachwissenschaft) and biology at Joh.-Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz

1994-95 study at the actor's school "Berufsfachschule Schauspiel München", Munich

1996-99 study at CJD Schule Schlaffhorst-Andersen, resulting in a diploma as "Atem-, Sprech- und Stimmlehrer" (Schlaffhorst-Andersen), staatl. anerkannt (teacher and therapist of voice, speech and breathing)


since 1994 engagements as actor, recitator and radio performancer in various productions at theatre and broadcasting companies (Bayerischer Rundfunk, WDR, HR)

1996 production of audio-books for the Bavarian Library for the Blind (Bayerische Blindenhörbücherei), Munich

1996-2001 writer and performer for the children's radio-production Bax Blubber! on WDR 4, Cologne.

1998-2001 literary care of the east-german writer's museum "Agnes-Miegel-Haus", incl. monthly reading performances and work in the museum's archives, Bad Nenndorf (Hannover)

1999-2006 professor for the training of Breathing, Speech and Voice (Lehr-Atem-, Sprech- und Stimmlehrer) at the CJD Schule Schlaffhorst-Andersen, Bad Nenndorf (Hannover).

2000 foundation of the company VIVID VOICES

since 2000 very sucessful reading performances (more than 150 readings throughout Germany each year) and performing seminars .

2002 creation of the text'n'sound-art-duo "Die Klangschürfer" (the sound-scrapers) with the composer and sounddesigner Martin Daske, Ferch/Berlin.

2004 extension of VIVID VOICES to the Institute for Living Language, Lübeck

writer and director of various radio-plays.

2005 publishing of the audio book "Dracula" (in German)

2007 publishing of the audio book "20.000 Meilen unter dem Meer" (German), speech-trainer of northern Germany's first "speech-sport-contest".

2008 director of drama, Lübeck.

2009 publishing of the audio book "Die Odyssee" (in German)

2010 project for drug abuse prevention "Pille", publishing of the audio book "Pille" (in German)

martin daske