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DIE KLANGSCHÜRFER: v.l.: Martin Daske, Rainer Rudloff

The workshop will take approx. 70 minutes and is suited for children from 10 years (from 4th grade)
and up to 60 participants (not exceeding two classes).

How to produce a radio play
Performance and workshop
with Martin Daske or Rainer Rudloff

Who did never wonder how a radio play is fabricated?
How do the sounds enter, and how are they produced?

By the example of a radio play that was produced for the WDR and nominated for the Hörspielpreis 2001, one of the directors and producers, Mr. Daske or Mr. Rudloff, will demonstrate, how a radio play is produced.

But the children will get better than that: before their ears, the radio play will be deconstructed for the children to themselves take a hand in the making process.

Following the director's advice, they will produce and place the sounds "on time".

The children can become their own sound-designers!

This workshop is a bestseller for all media-interested kids - and an excellent training for listening intently.

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