videoclip: KLANGSCHÜRFER - Dracula (German)
Die Klangschürfer
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are two artists from different domains: one comes from the spoken and acted word, the other from composition and sounddesign.

The Word-artist Rainer Rudloff's specialty are vivid expression and lightning-fast voice-changes. With his voice alone, he manages to capture his audience in a matter of minutes.

The Sound-Artist Martin Daske draws into mysterious, never-heard-of parallel universes. He plays masterly on the audiences emotions, sometimes by evoking a wide variety of sounds and music from a grand piano, sometimes by creating of life-electronic soundscapes.

Thus, an evening of extraordinary intensity is created from the union of vivid language and living sound.

Take part in the sound-experience of these two wizards of voice and instrument !

You will be lead through distant worlds for one capturing evening - a fantastic voyage for eye and ear !


Sound Design: Martin Daske

Voices: Rainer Rudloff

DIE KLANGSCHÜRFER: from left: Martin Daske, Rainer Rudloff

(the soundscrapers)