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Foto: Monja Dallmeyer, Lübeck 2004
Rainer Rudloff



Rainer Rudloff, born 1970.

Study of English and German linguistics and literature (Germanistik und Englische Sprachwissenschaft) and biology at Joh.-Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, acting at Munich and teacher of , voice, speech and breathing ("Atem-, Sprech- und Stimmlehrer Schlaffhorst-Andersen") at Bad Nenndorf / Hannover.

Together with numerous engagements in theater and radio productions, Rudloff travels througout Germany with a wide variety of reading performances since several years.

He also teaches as professor for voice, speech and breathing at the CJD Schule Schlaffhorst-Andersen, Bad Nenndorf.

Founder of VIVID VOICES as a company in 2000, extension to the Institute for Living Language in 2004, seated at Lübeck.

Due to the combination of widely and deeply founded knowledge and long years of practice in teaching and performing, Rudloff is enabled to present practice-based, effective seminars and coachings, thoroughly founded in theory, clearly and entertainingly presented.

For his personal credo in everything connected with his work, be it pedagogical or artistic, is: living language - vivid voices !

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