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Photo: Monja Dallmeyer, Lübeck 2004
reading performances
ludicrous readings for adults

Of depressed robots and cocky
A comedy-science-fiction reading-performance

The Earth is demolished to make space for a
hyperspace-highway, Marvin, the depressed
robot, is left alone to stop a gigantic battle-
machine, mice govern the universe ...

These are only some of Douglas Adams' ingeniously witty ideas in one of Britains best-known BBC radio-series (and later on books).
(from: Douglas Adams: The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

A last decimated tribe of (g)Nomes is searching
for a better life - to find itself confronted by a whole
department-store full of well-fed, conceited fellow-
Nomes, for whom "OUTSIDE" does not exist.

Until the mysterious "THING" in the hands of the
newcomers reveals them, that on a schedule of two
weeks, their store is going to be demolished - and they
themselves have originally come from another world...
(from: Terry Pratchett: Truckers)

Juveniles and adults, duration approx. 100 min.

Encounters of the Absurd Kind

Another british classic, famous due to its seventies' tv-adaption: the tales about the english veterinarian James Herriot from the Yorkshire-Dales. Best british humour! (from: James Herriot: All Creatures Great and Small)

Douglas Adams again! This time he's telling tales about his adventures on the trace of animals on the verge of extinction. But with Adams, tales run like this:
How to deal with deadly snakes, or: Don't get bitten!;
How to make your microphone waterproof, or: Buying condoms in Shanghai;
Getting to know gorillas, or: Germans do have the best equipment on earth. Don't miss it! (from: Douglas Adams/Mark Carwardine: Last Chance to See)

Juveniles and adults, duration approx. 90 min.


Bram Stoker's classic story of the Transsylvanian count Dracula is a gripping treat, unreached in creepiness and style by any of the countless imitations which followed.
(from: Bram Stoker: Dracula)

Adults from 17, duration approx. 100 min.

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Terry Pratchett: Wings, being the third part of the Nomes-Trilogy
Douglas Adams: The Hitch-Hiker`s Guide to the Galaxy
Douglas Adams: Last Chance to See
Bram Stoker: Dracula.
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