Institute for living language

"A pleasant balance between theory and practice."

"Coming from experience and practice - very vivid!"

"Especially the individual exercises were very efficient.
The dense and relaxed atmosphere was very inviting to really make use of the exercises."

"It was a lively, clear and significant seminar."

"I felt perceived and supported in my way of performing a reading."

"I could have gone on all day like that." - "But he really is inspired!"

by participants

by the press

"An advocate of the spoken word."
Lingener Tagespost

"With his expressive language he does not stop at the surface, but enters the depths of man's emotions."

"Rainer Rudloff stands under a big portrait of Hermann Hesse, reading. For those who know of the importance of the constant strife for change and transformation in Hesse's life, the impression grows to take part in a nearly religious event."
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

"With this dramaturgical reading, a new horizon opens for the audience."
Schaumburger Wochenblatt

„Rainer Rudloff wholly identified with his magical parts. He gave life to the book, as he so brilliantly portrayed its tales with his play of features and gestures, the presentation of the parts, the convincingly impressive voices and performed situations. It was as if Rudloff gave life to the author himself."
Lübecker Nachrichten

"Rudloff really was the Master of Voices."

"His delight in acting and reading was evident."

"As he juggled with his voices, he as well juggled the balls of imagination and ironical-humorous disillusionment."

"Here one could sense the ancestor of reading: story-telling, the spoken word."
Grafschafter Nachrichten

„With his gripping performance, the actor drew his audience into the suspense of the story."

martin daske
Photo: Thorsten Neuhetzki, Versmold 2003


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Newspaper article on the seminar
"Lebendig und nachhaltig Vorlesen"
"Tracing the Melody of the Text"
(WAZ), 7.12.05