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martin daske
Radio plays
Performer, author and director of radio plays for children since 1995
A selection

Leo Liebezeit jagt die verlorene Stunde
(Leo Goodtime Hunts After the Lost Hour)


Director: Klaus-Dieter Pittrich. WDR, 1997. 50 min.

Joseph und seine Schwester
(Joseph and His Sister)


By Rudolf Herfurtner, Director: Walter Wippersberg. Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1999. 84 min.

Tante Jolanthe und Ritter Annegret
(Aunt Jolanthe and Knight Annegret)

The Dragon / Leutnant von Drachenstein

By Nina Achminov, Director: Markus Everding. Bayerischer Rundfunk,1996. 86 min.

sample: Joseph in the prison of Pharao
sample: The Dragon and the Knight

Die Klangschlürfer (The Soundslurpers)
Authors and Directors: Rainer Rudloff and Martin Daske. tribord studio, Berlin, 2001. WDR.

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Dokt.Ohr (approx. "Profess.Ear") is the world's only specialist for sounds and silences. A mixture between James Bond and Mr. Bean, he is constantly summoned, when some sound is not working any more.
In the last few days, such cases come in plenty, as a mysterious illness seems to spread between the sounds of the world.
So, it's Dokt.Ohr and his 10-year-old assistent and computer specialist Lucy, who take on this adventure - which leads them on hypersoundwaves around the world in 48 minutes.